Entry #2

AS3 script jockeying

2012-10-06 12:59:59 by Nambread

I've played around with AS3 a little bit each year for the past three years now, and never made as much as a demo. Now however I'm working on a prototype geometry wars clones. Something super simple but quite fun nonetheless.
Once I'm able to work out best practices for handling collision, levels, memory management etc I'll see about working on an actual game project. For now it's just a means of teaching myself the basics, and won't be the standard needed to actually submit here.
If any of you veteran actionscripters out there would like to share your little nuggets of wisdom I'll happily listen though, chances are I'll be trawling the forums in a few days once I hit yet another brick wall :P
I've figured out my own way of processing keyboard input via a hashmap object rather than separate booleans, which will (I hope) allow you to have customisable control keys ingame, I'll likely upload some details within the next week or two. Also referencing a single instance of an object instead of creating a new one for numerate entities like bullets and enemies, but that's as far as my very small experience of this goes.
Doing it because hey, I won't learn anything new while working the grind to pay off my student overdraft! Also because I feel I need a creative outlet that isn't artwork.


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